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Monday, June 30, 2014

June New FO Challenge

                                            Blast that Bonnie Hunter!!

So there I was, minding my own business, sewing away on 
another Bonnie Hunter project, Wild & Goosey blocks (below) which is an ordeal all by itself, watching a bit of quilt cam and BOOM!  

She starts sewing another scrapalicious super duper fantastic delight of fabric goodness.....Spiderweb Blocks!  Oh my goodness...this one was on my bucket list....and there it was on her blog, just click on the good ole "Free Patterns" tab!

So heres my newest project, Spider Web blocks....cant say I don't absolutely 
love them because oh my goodness I sure do, but this is now my 5th Bonnie Hunter project that is in progress....OMG!

I now have Tobacco Road to put the rows together on, then
I have all the Split 9 Patch blocks completed, just need a 
big enough floor to lay them out on.  Then of course I have
Celtic Solstice which just needs borders and Quilting...
They are all gorgeous...that I will admit!
Heres my Celtic Solstice again..with Dahlia..

Oh and I made two of these Lozenges Quilts too, they need to 
have borders added and be quilted...can you tell
that my favorite part of quilting is piecing??   

Oh Bonnie Hunter...I DO love you...and rainbow 
scrappy deliciousness!!

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2014 NewFO Challenge

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wild & Goosey Blocks

Oh wonderfully scrappy deliciousness!! 
How I love you!

These are Bonnie Hunters Wild & Goosey blocks,
there are 13 pieces to each 4 1/2" block.  I am using tons of 
fabric crumbs creating these beauties!

When I put 4 together with a 1 1/2" sashings and center square, they 
come out to a perfect 8 1/2" block. 

I have 15 done so love loving these cute little blocks
made with scrappy goodness!! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

RSC for June-Yellow!!

The RSC color for June is Yellow! 

I busted some scraps on these 11 string blocks...lovely thing
about string blocks is that they always turn out great!

Then I made a Yellow Churn Dash too!
Can anyone tell me what the secret is to not having to
cut off my points on the sides when I trim? What am I doing wrong?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Scrappy Trip Bee Round 5/Hive 5

I take part in the 
Scrappy Trip Bee on Flickr

This is my third round of this bee, its so fun.  You get
so many ideas for color combinations for this pattern.  I have 
already taken previous blocks from previous rounds 
and made baby quilts..

These are the blocks I am sending to my hive
members...really loving that "Kaffe" themed one and the 
"low volume" with the raspberry center stripe...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Quilt Doodles BOM

Quilt Doodles BOM

Here are my Ice Skates for June!

Super cute!
These were really fun to make!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Doll Quilts Sent and Received-May

My partner in the 
Doll Quilt Swap Monthly 
was Nedra in Washington.

She said she had a "country theme" in her home so
of course I went scrappy and made her this
cute little Hst doll quilt...she should have it by now.

This quilt below is what I received from Nedra...
Its beautiful fabrics in Oranges and Aquas..
love it!