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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This girl LOVES to sew!

My 5 year old grandaughter Jayden has discovered that she loves to sew! The apple has definately not fallen far from the tree...she wants to sew every time she is over at Grannys house.  The last time she was here, she wanted to make a little quilt for her Nana because Nana had a cold...shes so sweet! Thats one thing about this girl, she is always thinking of others and I love that about her.

She loves the 2.5" square bin, be still my heart!! She digs and digs until she finds just the square she wants.  Shes pretty picky about it.

She loves her "Baby Lock Anna" machine that I got her.  Shes learned so much about it and identifys functions on the machine.  We just need to work on her seam allowance.

She decided after making and sewing together many 4 patches that she wanted a heart in the middle of the quilt.  
This little one is always showing her love for everyone.

We Zig Zagged around the heart in the center and Jayden declared it finished! Ready for Nana!

She was so proud!  
Look at my girl! Her first quilt!

Granny we need a crazy smile funny picture!!

Love his girl so much!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The List!

Ok! Here goes nothing! 
 I'm putting my Quilty list out there for all to see, my
big long list of things to do, quilts to finish, quilts for others
etc etc!!  Its pretty long and I am sure I have missed some things but at least I have a starting point! 
Wish me luck!

Projects for 2016

1. RSC-2016 Swap with Kathy
2. Quilty Circles 365
3. Pat Sloan BOM 2016
4. Quilt Doodles BOM 2016
5. RSC 2016-Birch Tree Blocks x2

Blocks in progress

1. Tula Pink Modern
2. & Sew on BOM
3. Scrappy Strings
4. Jewel Tone Lonestars
5. Arkansas Crossings Scrap Quilts-always one in progress!
6. Idaho Crossings
7.Wild & Goosey
8. Itty Bitty Blocks-Quiltmaker

Blocks made-ready to turn into a flimsy

1. Picadilly Circles
2. Maverick Stars
3. Granny Square blocks
4. QBSA Blackmans Beauty
5. RSC 2015-Scrap Jar Stars
6. RSC 2015-Breaking out Geese
7. Lori Holt Row-A-Long
8. Purple/Black Scrappy Trip

Customer Quilts

1. Wonky Star Batik-Blue/Green x2
2. Grizzly Bear Quilt
3. Team Quilts  (5)
 Cowboys, Packers, Raiders, Broncos,49ers
4. Mias Tshirt quilt
5. Laurens Tshirt Quilt #1
6. Laurens Tshirt Quilt #2
7. Capaldis Tshirt Quilt
8. Michaels Tshirt Quilt
9. Urban Oasis Quick Curve Ruler-Jillian

Mystery quilts in progress

1. Walk in the Park-Quiltmaker mystery
2. Allitare-Quiltville
3. Silly Goose 2015

I'm tired already!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


A friend of mine asked me to make her a couple of pouches.  I hadn't made any in a while so I dug out one of the pouches I made earlier to sort of look and see how I did it the first time!! 

 Easy Peasy!  

She wanted this black/green floral for herself and the pink Paris themed one for a coworkers teenage daughter that just got her first makeup kit!

When I showed these to my DIL, she asked if I had any fabric that my son would like and if I could make him a pouch....he works out of town 5-6 days a week
and stays in hotels so he needed something to hold his toiletries...
Being from Southern California, we are die hard Angels it was a no brainer to make it for him out of his beloved Angels fabrics....He loved it! 

Suki was the "Snoopervisor" of the day...she put her 
"paw of approval" on everything!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog today!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Who knew?

Who Knew that these microwave fabric bowls 
were so easy to make?  I printed out
a tutorial and went at it.....they are a snap to make!

You put your bowl inside the fabric bowl before heating and your hands don't get burned when you take it out of the microwave! 


 This one above is the medium 10" size..perfect for my soup/chili bowls...and for using up leftover
layer cake and large scraps.

I actually received a box of fabric samples from my LQS and those pieces were the perfect size 
for this project! Yay!  The photo above
shows 3 more of the 10" size and one 8" size...if you have never used one of these, they are wonderful, I dont think I will skip using them ever again!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Stay dry!

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Fun Finish!

I volunteer with Foothill Dog Rescue in Shingle Springs, CA.  My DIL is on the Board of Directors for this fantastic rescue! 
 I am normally in charge of the bake sale at their events. 
 I enjoy it very much.  This last bake sale was part of the Doggie Christmas Photo event. 

While there, a gal came up to me, I had my quilts there also that day and she asked if I made tshirt quilts.  I flinched and replied "yes", she said that a friend of hers has been looking for someone to make one from her daughters band I gave her my dog sitting, goodie baking, quilty card with my
info on it and called it a day!   You never expect to hear from anyone after that, especially when I gave her a "starting point" on the price of the quilt.  Anyhow, the lady called! I was amazed, she was so excited to have me make the quilt!  We set up a time to meet and swap the shirts and get an idea of what she wanted and I got to work! 

And thats how Baileys tshirt quilt was born!

I cut all those shirts up, ironed on the pellon, trimmed and trimmed and figured out the puzzle of all the different sizes of shirts.  She wanted it sashed with this hot pink, so cool!

I longarmed it with a large stipple, doing a few loopys in places....and wrote her name in two areas....

I forgot to mention that this was a surprise gift for Bailey, she had no idea that her mom had gotten this done for her.....
I think she liked it!  I'm very proud of my work on this quilt.

So here is Bailey, all smiles...she LOVES it!  Yay!!

Now on to the next one!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Orange Peel!

Two weeks before Christmas my DIL asked me if I had an Orange quilt in "the Pile" that she could gift to her stepmom for Christmas.  Well, of course the answer was no, my quilts are
primarily a rainbow of colors and scraps.  If you want something specific, I gotta make it for you, and so I did, of course, good MIL that I am....
So, I got to thinking of a pattern that I could whip up quick....disspearing 9 patch...DUH!

So the Orange Peel was born...

All the Oranges in my stash were so saturated...
its very colorful!

I used a high loft polyester batting which gave the quilt great texture...and an
Orange Peel the effect!

My DIL decided that since it was so colorful that it needed a "calm" backing, so she picked out a simple cream flannel.  I think it fits perfectly!

and the panto really looks great with that flannel too...

So, needless to say......
You ask for are gonna get ORANGE!

The quilt has been gifted and well recieved...
Yay Yay Yay!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Blue for January

Happy January!

Its time for the RSC to begin again and this year is starting us out with Blue!   I've decided to cut down the number of sets of blocks I make this year.  I still have 3 sets from 2015 to assemble and 1 set from 2014 to assemble.  Plus I have all the quilts that people want me to make for them and then the quilts I want to make for family and friends and then the quilts that I make for "the pile" which I either sell or give to charity.  Its never ending and I have finally figured out that I just cant do it all!  So, with that all said...heres my one and only block for the RSC this year....

                              Birch Trees!!

I love this pattern by Amanda Jean over at, its so bright and cheerful and guess what? Its on my DIL's wish list! Double score!  I am going to use the color of the month for the background of each block.  Its going to be AWESOME!!

Its crazy how much of "this" I have...those fabric crumbs and bits...this is one of two known buckets of them.  They were the inspiration for this choice of block and the true definition of scraps if you ask me!  First block didn't make a dent.... I'm just gonna keep on truckin...

I made the block a big 17" instead of 15.5" in the pattern, that way 12 blocks will be nice and big at the end of the year.  Loving it so far!

Linking up with Angela for the RSC Saturday link up & Oh Scrap!


Quilting is more fun than Housework

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gorgeous Blues!! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Quilt for a little man!

A couple of years ago, I made a baby quilt for a coworker of mine.  She is the sweetest person ever, has a heart of gold...she had a beautiful baby girl named Cora.  I made Cora a  Batik Wonky Star baby quilt...she loved it and so did her big brother Evan!!  So, a plan was hatched to make
a blue/green batik Wonky Star quilt for him...

He got it for Christmas!

 Heres our happy little dude Evan....he loves his quilt....!!!

He calls it his fuzzy blanket because it has a flannel backing.   I just loved making this little boy smile...perfect!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Finishes!

Happy New Year Everyone!!
2016 is here!

I thought I would show a little quilty review of 2015....
here goes...let my little parade begin!
Celtic Solstice

Sisters Choice

Quilt Doodle BOM 2014

Blue Scrappy Trip!

Patriotic Star Surround

My first tote bag!

                                                                   Urban Churn Dash!

                                                                  Scrappy Lonestars

 Block Lotto Blue Bars

Grand Illusion!

Scrappy Trip

Cheddar Arkansas Crossings

Scrappy Tumblers 

Sisters Rodeo Quilt

Orange Peel Disappearing 9 patch

& my final finish for 2015...


Happy New Year Everyone!!

Scrap Vortex is DONE!

Last summer I was cruising the blogs and found another blogger that was using up bits and pieces, I dont remember which blog it was but it was for this Scrap Vortex Quilt.  I
 was so intrigued, I got out my buckets of fabric crumbs and I set to work making slabs, and more slabs!  I drug this project around to housesitting gigs and just kept plugging was like doing a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle trying to fit all those slabs together but I did it!!!

Now its DONE DONE DONE!  Yay!

I give you SCRAP VORTEX!

For the backing, I used up a few big chunks of fabrics that I acquired somewhere along the way, I for sure didn't buy them.  The fabric on the right has Quilts hanging on a clothesline, way too cute to cut up so this was a perfect solution for using that big piece up.  Then theres a "Debbie Mumm" piece with quilting quotes and a cute little animal garden print.  USED!  

For the binding I felt this quilt needed a resting place, so I used a solid Aubergine favorite purple!

I love it, its done...Yippee!!

Linking up with Oh Scrap!

Quilting is more fun 
than Housework