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Friday, November 29, 2013


So, my quilty blogging pal Kathy in Ohio longarmed my
Easy Steet quit with her Awesome Lords Swirls
pattern.  On the day I got it, this little monster
Suki..our tortie...jumped right on up there..
Shes such a character!

                                           So, needless to say: Cat tested Lap Approved!!!

                                                         Heres Kathys blog: Check it out!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vintage Finish!

So, one of the nurses I work with got this Vintage Quilt Top
from her mothers house in the south when
she passed away.  So she brought it to me for repairs
and finishing.  It looks like it was made from
old kitchen towels and pajamas.
                                              It needed a bit of repairs, split seams and such
                                        and then quilting and binding.  Its finished now, she
                                                   is really pleased with it.  Score! Done!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Putting the husband to work!

Some days I just need to remember to be grateful for my sweet husband.
He puts up with so much from me.  He holds my place in line
at the fabric stores while I am off still picking out
fabrics.  He runs to the grocery store for whatever
it is that I have run out of in the middle of baking.
He even does all the dishes after I make a huge mess baking and
then goes and works two jobs!  Now, trust me, he isnt
perfect but hes a good guy and he supports my fabric hoarding/quilting
obsession, that right there makes him a keeper!
In the picture above he was making the little loops for my potholders,
sewing them and turning them...
Then I made him do something that I HATE to do, we got out the bin of
batting scraps and set to work zig zagging them
together to make large enough pieces for the potholders.
It took us over 2 hours, but we got it done! 
Look at that concentration!!
Ya, hes a good guy....and all he wants is a good dinner at the end of the day! 
Thanks Dear!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Craft Fairing!

                      Oh my gosh has it been a busy month!
                         I havent blogged all month!  Geez! 
          I have been busy making things for two different
craft fairs. The photo below is from the first craft fair that
                  we did in Folsom, CA.  This is my husband  and I  just hanging out amongst all my goodies!

I baked and baked and made my blue ribbon English Toffee a couple days prior...we didnt end up selling very much but we had a nice day and met some very nice people! Heres my husband and I amongst all my goodies....