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Friday, May 22, 2015

Sisters Choice is Done!

While watching Bonnie Hunter on Quilt cam 
one night, she was working on one of her 
patterns called Sisters
be expected I got the itch and started one of 
my own.  My only constant was to use Orange Scraps for all of  my star points...the rest was whatever I came across. 
 So, I dug into my 2.5" Square bins and made scrappy 9 patches...then I used multiple neutrals in true
Bonnie Fashion...

heres a few of my favorites...

I dug into my stash looking for the perfect border fabric....I finally came across this orange text has words like
 "Appreciate, Laugh, Inspire,Love, Play, Imagine, Feel....",
all words that describe me and my sisters...Perfect!

I quilted it myself on my Tin Lizzie 18 longarm 
with my "Go-to" freestyle Loopy Loops pattern.  It was over 80" wide so it almost didnt fit on my longarm you can see in the picture below....its a biggie!!

I pieced the backing from leftover flannel chunks using some stuff up!

Heres a full view of the quilt...I love it, 
its beautiful....

Cat tested, Lap approved!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A new Quilty friend!

This is one of my newest co-workers...
Tiffany! Shes a young quilter....YAY!

 She made this super cute baby quilt for one of her relatives who is expecting, its got this sweet little whale print, a red Polka dot and chevrons. I think she has great sense of color...its a darling quilt....I'm really proud of her.

Shes buying a vintage Kenmore Sewing sewing machine from another co-worker who doesn't 
sew, shes very excited!  Its in a cabinet and everything for $40!!

I am so happy to have this girl to talk "Quilty" 
with at work! Its Awesome!! Love ya Tiff!


Monday, May 18, 2015

QBSA blocks for May

My partner in Quilting Block Swaps Australia
this month requested any star block in pinks and blues.  We decided we would do a double swap and make two blocks instead of one. 
Heres what I made for her. 

The top block is from Pat Sloans Vacation Time BOM, and the second star is called a Basketweave Star, its paper pieced...

I sure hope she likes them and that they will 
fit into her quilt!! 

Off they go across the ocean!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

RSC Block 2!!

Heres my second set of Green blocks this
month for the RSC!
Breaking out Geese Blocks...

These are 12.5" unfinished. This is a fun and
easy block to do. This quilt is really going to be great
when its finished!
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Urban Churn Dash Finish!

Urban Churn Dash is finished! 
I made this quilt in a QAL with Natalie over at
 I busted some recycled shirts for this
one, "de-boned" them according
to Bonnie Hunters directions and made a quilt! 
Of course I still have lots of fabric
left from those shirts.  I love how it all came together.
Its such a mans quilt!
 I paired up the shirts wth some
 Country Classics "Buff" 100% cotton from
Joanns fabrics.  You cant beat it for $2.49 a yard when you
use  a 50% off coupon!  Its nice fabric!
This quilt was gifted to a distant relative who was
recently diagnosed with a Pancreatic Tumor.  I hope
it gives him some comfort as he is going through Chemo..
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

RSC Saturday!

Its going to be one busy busy month, but I got
 a start on my May RSC Green blocks...I love green so I 
decided I needed two of each different block this month
so that I end up with enough for a larger quilt at
the end of the year.

These are my 2-12"Wonky Star blocks for the green month...
I have plenty of green scraps so this will be an easy
month for me to use greens in all four of my different blocks.  I guess when you live in the 
Sierra Nevada Foothills, green is one of your favorite colors!
We are definately GREEN here in more ways than one!

Heres my morning helper...this is Suki...shes an
indoor cat primarily but has discovered that she loves
 to come outside with me out in
the yard in the mornings...yea, shes cute and a
love bug but shes also a 
pain in the butt....her nickname is
 "Terrible Monster"...she is a Tortie afterall!
Its in her blood to be rotten!!

See her there? Right on my Green blocks!!

Guess she thinks they might blow away?
Shes holding them down? Hmph!

Oh! Shes spotted something...gotta go chase it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Easy Street is DONE!

Easy Street!
Bonnie Hunters 2013 Mystery Quilt...

Its done!

I have had it pieced and quilted for over
a year, but hadn't
gotten the binding done until now!  
Its so big, king size so I just didnt get
it done..but since I am going to be seeing
 Bonnie at her workshop in Auburn, CA in
June, I HAD to get it done
for show and tell!!

So I picked up an extra switchboard shift at work and
I sat there and watched Bonnie on Quilt Cam and finished up that big ole binding....Shhhh..don't tell!!

I used Clover clips for the first time, they work really well! No more pins to pinch me!

This quilt is so colorful and it has so many great purple and lime colored scraps plus multiple
 black on whites...
I really used some smaller scraps up in this fun!!

I have to give credit to my bestest Quilty pal,
"sister from another mister", good friend, listener &
bomb awesome long arm quilter Kathy from Ohio for doing the amazing swirly long arm quilting for me...shes the greatest friend, I hope I get to meet her someday!!

Love ya girl!!

You can check out her blog at:

She does longarm quilting! Let her finish a quilt for you!!

I used a recycled vintage sheet for the backing, its
so soft and cozy!!

Even my co-worker Lacey thought it was nice and snuggly...isnt she beautiful? We call her Pocahontas....shes a great mom, she works really hard...shes one of my favorite people! A nutjob like me! LOL!

And here is the finished product...all 1 million sq inches
 of it....I love it....
its amazingly awesome!  I cant believe I made it!

Now I get to show it to BONNIE HUNTER!!!  OMG!!!!

I cant wait!!
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