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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Quilt Doodles for March and some Critters!

Done!  I am caught up with my Quilt Doodles BOM, these cute little log cabins!  All from scraps! Yippee!

and....just so you know that I ain't kidding when I say that there is a reason that this blog is called 
"Quilting with Calicos" because I DO!

This one above, her name is Puka....aka "Fluffernutter"
...that tail is always in the way!!

                             This beauty is "Koi".....shes a lovebug, always up                                             in my business!!

Now, if those two calicos weren't enough, I have four dogs.  The one on the left is Duke aka "Honeyboy", hes 14 years old, we call him the "old man",  Next to him is Maggie, black lab/Rott mix, shes 6 or so, next to her is Voldemort, hes about 2, we dont know how we came to have this small little guy but he is hilarious and we love him.  Last but not least is my old girl, Jacey Mae, shes 12...another black lab/Rott you can see they are always in the sewing room under my feet too!  I'm never lonely, thats for sure!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, March 28, 2016

TShirt Quilt Finish!

A T-shirt quilt finish!  

This was made for one of my sons friends, actually his first long time girlfriends best friend (got that?) whose name is Lauren.  Shes a super special and sweet gal, comes from a fantastic family, loves her friends and community and SOFTBALL!!

To say she is a keeper is an understatement! I love her and 
not just because she calls me "Ma"!!

So I took all her Softball tshirts, one sweatshirt and 
a pair of emblazened softball boxer shorts and
got down to it.....most all of her shirts were from our 
community Softball leaugue here in Placerville, others were 
from various tournaments that she played in for charity.

Lauren was the president of the Placerville Lions club in her 20's!  Shes always been very involved in her community...

To say that Lauren loves her new quilt is an understatement, she loves it! Yay!  A Homerun! Score! 
(pun intended!)

So there it is down and one to go...Lauren has me making her another quilt from all her concert t-shirts too.  I don't know when I will get it started but I know it will be amazing too and she will be thrilled!!

I love you Lo Lo!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pat Sloan BOM 2016 and a plea for help!

I finished the March block for
 Pat Sloans "In the Garden" BOM.  

I'm loving these blocks, they are just so striking!
My little scrap of the Paisley fabric is dwindling though....

I started making these blocks each month with a scrap smaller than a fat quarter of the center paisley fabric, trying to use just a little piece of it in each far
so good, but that scrap is getting smaller and smaller....if anyone out there in blogland has some scraps or a fat quarter of this fabric, please message me....I'd love to 
have it.  I have no idea what manufacturer or fabric line it is from, maybe Moda...thanks for any help you can offer!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quilt Doodles 2016 BOM

So if you remember my post from January, these are my 
reindeer blocks for the Quilt Doodles 2016 BOM.  
I gave them some crazy Christmas fun!

I got a bit behind and didnt actually get to making the February blocks until this week.  Februarys blocks were 
these super cute little pine trees made of 1.5" square blocks.  We needed to make three trees for February.  


Now moving on to making two wood cabin blocks
for March, I can do it!

You can check out the Quilt Doodles BOM here:

Image result for quilt doodles bom 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ocean Waves

Let me just start by saying that I blame this quilt on 
Cathy over at  
Cathy makes some of the most crazy scrappy 
"use up the tiniest bits of fabric" quilty goodness
that I've ever seen....shes a scrap queen for sure!! 
 I don't think she has made a quilt that I don't love. 
Shes a scrappy quilting sister from another mister!!

So lets get to it...she inspired me when she started making this, her Ocean Waves quilt 
in all those gorgeous reds, using up tiny little "bonus" triangles....I was hooked!!!

(Cathy, I stole this image from your blog!!)

I dug into my crumb bins and started pulling out tiny triangles and into my 2.5" bin for multiple neutral squares....and because I am a maniac,  I didnt stop making them until I had 12 blocks.  The blocks came out at 16 1/2", nice and big, so 12 blocks made a good size quilt!

I decided to sash the blocks with some yummy Kona Berry solid 2" strips.  I just love Kona cottons and this Berry is one of my favorite colors....I prewashed it just to be sure it didnt bleed.  It did bleed a little but better safe than sorry!

The finished quilt top! I love it!  I used up a couple little sandwich size baggies of "bonus triangles", not making much of a dent but hey, they got used and at the price of fabric these days, I wanna use it!!  

So there it is! Ocean Waves DONE! 
 Love it Love it Love it!!!

Thanks Cathy...I wouldn't have ever made this if you
 weren't the Crazy sane crumbly scrappy fantastic quilty sister that you are!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

RSC for March

Its Purple this month over at the RSC!!

Yippee! I love Purple!!

Heres my one 100 patch postage stamp block!

Head on over to the RSC link up to see what everyone else is up to!

Image result for rainbow scrap challenge

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

4 violets for the block lotto

The block for the Block Lotto this month is this super 
cute Violet Block that is 6.5".  It was
a snap to make, so fun!  Heres 4 entries for me!

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Happy Finish!

A while back my quilty sister Kathy in Ohio ( turned me on to a 
simple plus sign/cross pattern using 2.5" scraps.  At first I was like..yea,,,whatever I don't think that's something I will do.  Well, of course after sitting there looking at it 
for a while, I had to try out a block....well, that led to making block after block after block and then a plan was hatched and now I have a gorgeous quilt that I love.  I love it so much that I am not sure whether I can put it in the sale pile or the give it away as a gift....I LOVE IT!!

I used multiple neutrals in each block and stuck to mostly bright modern prints for the plus signs, so fun!!

The bold burnt orange was the perfect choice for the inner border...I love Orange!

 Here it is all done..I quilted it with free hand clam shells in a medium yellow thread.  


Sunday, March 6, 2016

The best part of Quilting!

I think the best part of quilting for me is giving quilts to people that I
admire and love.  This photo below are my neighbors Vicki & Dave.  They are 
the sweetest people ever!  Vicki walks their dog Shayna everyday multiple times
and knows everyone in the neighborhood and their pets!  Dave has had multiple
back surgeries so he doesn't get outside much but he does take his walking wheelchair to the
end of the street for exercise and sits and talks with everyone.  They are just just very 
dear people...we are glad to have them as neighbors!

A while back, Dave came into my garage where I have my 
longarm set up and I had my rainbow super bright and scrappy spiderweb quilt
on the frame.  He thought it was awesome!  He loved my scrappy goodness!
So this spiderweb quilt was born and made with my friend Dave in mind.!  I just knew
that he would love it and he really did! Yay!

It just makes my heart happy when I can give someone a gift and it 
is well received and sure to be loved.  They were so happy to recieve it and that
just makes my heart happy too!!  

Linking up with "Oh Scrap!"