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Monday, April 25, 2016

RSC 2015 quilt top complete!

I have finally completed a quilt top from one stack of my
 RSC blocks from 2015!!


These are my Bubble Log Cabin blocks.....this quilt came about because of Nann, another blogger over at " " who shared hers and I just loved them.  They are a good scrap buster, using 2" colored strips, 1" white strips and four 3.5" squares, all from my Scrap users system!!

 Score! Use it up! 

 So, I made one block each month in the RSC color of the month and then added the twelveth block in wine as my final color block. So when I got it all sashed and hung it out for its photo, I thought wow...boring!  Needs something! 

(Oh look theres my shadow self!!)

So, I went back inside and decided that this baby needed piano keys.  I firmly believe that piano keys "make" a quilt, so I got to work and two hours later it looks like this.....and I was right once again (doesn't happen too often!), it looks amazing now!! More strings used up!!

Happy Dance!! Its Rainbow deliciousness!!

Heres a stained glass shot of the back....Looooove it!!

So the birthday party for my two youngest Grandbabies is coming up.  They are "Irish twins", our Cooper is turning two on the 28th and his little sister Kamryn is turning 1 on May 4th.  So Kamryn gets to crash Coops party every  year!

What!  Poor little dude!
Anyhow...this quilt is destined to belong to Kamryn, it will be way too big for a while but I just thought of that little sweetie everytime I worked on it.  So its her Birthday present from her Granny.  I quilted it with an Aqua thread with freemotion loops with hearts and flowers.  

Now for Coop...hes getting this scrappy crumb square in a square quilt...this is a picture of the quilt top before I got it quilted but I did finally get it quilted with a freemotion grid design and backed it in red flannel...perfect for my little dude!

Two more finishes! Yippee!!
 Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

RSC Saturday!

Continuing on with Aprils color of Orange in the 
Rainbow Scrap Challenge...

A slice of sunshine in each block!  Heres my orange
100 patch postage stamp quilt.  

Its so fresh and colorful! Adds such a pop!

Love it!

Thanks for stopping by today! Check out what others are 
showing off at the RSC today!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Block Lotto for April

This months Block Lotto block is this 6.5" paper pieced Butterfly.  The color scheme for April is Orange/Black
like a Monarch Butterfly, so bright and pretty!
Here are my four entries for April....
Never know if I am going to win but its always so fun when I do!
Check it out here:

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A finish!

Now just so you all know, I was born and raised in Southern California, Long Beach to be exact.  I was raised an LA Dodgers fan, loved Bill Buckner back in the day, but I grew up and realized that the Anaheim Angels are my team, 
Go Halos!! 

 Anyways, I don't begrudge anyone their "team", its all fair in love and war.  So when people request a quilt out of another teams fabrics, I comply with gusto! I aim to please!  So, the following quilt finish is for my niece Jetta, its for her oldest sons best friend Ralph, its his birthday next month and anyways, Ralph is  an awesome kid and its a California baseball team....woot woot! 
I'm good!

Go Dodger Blue!!!

Can you see I stitched "Lets go Dodgers" in the border?
I also put Ralphs cool!

I quilted it with my go to "Loopy Loops" and random stars in Dodger Blue thread...the backing is Dodger Blue flannel.

and  bound it in Dodger Blue too!! So,here it is in all its
 Red, White and Dodger Blue glory! 

Its a beauty! Ralph is gonna love it!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

RSC-More Orange!


I'm working on another RSC project, its a little bit of a secret, not for any of you but for me and my bestest blogging friend Kathy that lives in Ohio.  We became friends over this great big internet and we are "scrappy sisters from other misters" to say the least! We've never met but maybe someday! 

We decided this year that we would both make blocks in the RSC color of the month using the "Soul Searching" pattern by Kathy Doughty.  

Isnt it amazing!!!

Image result for soul searching quilt pattern

We are both making blocks each month out of the RSC color of the month and our funky low volume/neutrals and then swapping quilt tops at the end of the year, so cool right?!!  

So, because its a secret and I cant show you my whole plan and my blocks because sneaky little Kathy 
will see it here on my blog, I can only show you a sneak peek!  Here goes!

Now that is one funky neutral!  Its got cocktail recipes on it!! 


Thanks for cruising by my little blog today...go over
and check out all the other Orange goodness at the 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A little playin!

I got the itch to do a little bit of paper piecing this week.
  I enjoy it from time to time and I sure love making cute little critters and turning them into mini quilts for my sewing room walls, so fun!

First up I made this super cute raccoon, I 
named him Rascal...He was pretty easy 
to make and he turned out well, I just think hes the cutest!!

This Owl was on the list also, I love me some cute! He didnt turn out as well, but I still really like him and he will look great up on the wall, I named him Oren the Owl...

Now to get them quilted and hung up!

If you are interested, both patterns were purchased

Saturday, April 9, 2016

RSC April

Over at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month we are playing with our yummy refreshing Orange scraps!
 Yahoo, I love Orange, its a great color
that gives every quilt a big ole pop of brightness! 
Love it!

Here are my two Birch Tree blocks for can find 
the inspiration for these blocks over at Amanda Jeans at

I'm making these blocks 17 1/2"...I like my quilts BIG!

Thanks for cruisng by today!
Check out what everyone else is up to at the RSC link up!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy Dance! A Finish!

Bonnie Hunter!  One of my favs!  
She got me started on this quilt last year when I was lucky enough to see her in Auburn, CA.  She noticed my pile of 1.5" squares that I was using as leader/enders in her workshop and mentioned that they would be great for an Idaho Squaredance quilt!  

So, here I am, almost a year later with a finish!!
Idaho Squaredance!

A few of my favorite blocks....

Candy & coffee!!!

Theres some Y2K fabric in the lower right corner, 
only 16 years old!!

Sashed the blocks with this light green/white pindot and I longarmed it with my free hand loopy loops.  Backed it with a light green floral flannel.  Nice and cozy!  Binding was some funky teal calico old fabric that I found in a bin...used a chunk of it up. More scraps busted!

and of course the label!

Thanks for stopping by today....hope you are
 having a lovely spring!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Ye ole Crumb pile!!

Oh Crumb pile!

The possibilities!

Oh how I love the scraps!  I mean, just look
 at that pile of rainbow goodness!!  Delicious!!
The possibilities are many ideas just pop into my head and then I start reading blogs and see so many more ideas for using these beauties up!


I love making crumb blocks, just thoughtless piecing together of all those crazy shaped crumbs of fabric yumminess! 
So, I started making slabs of fabric, cut out some 5.5" squares and this is what I did with them.......

I think they are called "Square in a square" or something
like that...easy peasy! Heres the finished quilt top, I'm not
adding a border to this one, its big enough!

I really love these tone on tones, they are from Robert Kauffman...very rich beautiful colors. That green is the same color as my temporary California grass! Ha!

Here's a shot of the back, looks like stained glass...dang it dang it dang it...why is it I want to keep them all?? I mean really, how many quilts does one quilter need? HELP!
What do you do when you want to keep them all?

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Oh you bloggers!!

A month or so ago I was cruising blogs, reading all the 
happenings of my favorite bloggers.  One of them is Cathy over 
at "Sane Crazy Crumbly Quilting".  Shes amazing, a true scrapaholic, she loves to use up scraps and all her makings are fabulous!  Anyways, she posted about making this butterfly quilt out of her "waste" or "bonus" triangles...whatever you prefer to call them, I just call them crumbs or bits, which is what Lucy is helping me with in the photo below! Thats what's left of a full basket after three quilts came out of it, believe me, there's more!

 I made up a bunch of these butterfly blocks with 3.5" square scraps from my blue scrap bag and my basket of fabric crumbs/triangles.....I laid them out diagonally alternating my rows with dark/mediums and lights.  Of course I had to turn
on Quilt Cam archives, love me some Bonnie Hunter!

My trusty 301A longbed Beatrice, a true workhorse!!

Here's how far I got, yes I know that there is one lousy butterfly that needs to be turned, thankfully it's on the outside edge and is an easy fix....Argh!!

I've decided that it still isn't big enough so I have made another 18 blocks, that will add an additional row to the top and the bottom.  I sure do love it though and I busted a 
bunch of scraps that most would have just thrown away!  Yay!

Pretty Pretty Pretty.....another one I want to keep!

If you want to go over and check out Cathys version of this quilt, heres the link:

I think I am going to quilt this one on my machine at home, maybe with simple diagonal lines.