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Saturday, August 29, 2015

RSC Last Saturday of the month!


Its Super Scrappy RSC Saturday! 

The last Saturday for August, can you believe it?
Its been a crazy month....way too much going on and not near enough time to get to it all.....I am still backed up, I 
need a sewing day to try to make a 
dent in some of it, hopefully that happens!

Heres my last block for this month, a black/gray/brown

Scrap Jar Star!

Even though this star is in black, it makes me happy!

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tula Pinks 100 Modern Quilt Blocks SAL good buddy Michelle over at put a call out
for quilters to join her in making Tulas fabulous modern quilt!  
Its at our own pace, no time pressures so its really low key and fun!  

All you need to do is get the book (your library might carry it) and then link up once a month showing the blocks that you have completed.  Of course this month I missed the link up...I had no blocks done and wasnt going to get to them in time,
but now I do have a few to show off! But first I need to
show the fabrics that I finally decided to use.  These are 5" 
charm squares from a swap that I need a few years ago, these are all
Anna Maria Horner....they are lovely! 

I will be using a light to medium gray for my 
sashings between the blocks...

Now for the blocks....they are all 6.5" unfinished.




I am really loving them so far and I am really happy with the fabrics I chose.  Double score is that they are from my stash! Whoop Whoop!

Stay tuned for more Tula!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Jayden!

My beautiful Grandaughter Jayden turns 5 today!  

Where has the time gone.....

Shes smart!!
Shes Spunky!!
Shes Sensitive...
Shes Funny!!
Shes thoughtful!!
Shes a great big sister!!
Shes Sweet!!
Shes Sassy!!
She loves animals!!
Shes Amazing!!

I will never forget the day she came into our lives...
Shes such a special girl!!





Monday, August 24, 2015

Postage Stamp!

Now anyone that knows me, knows that I love me some
Scrappy Deliciousness!  I have made many postage stamp quilts, I
have sold the tops on ebay, gifted postage stamp quilts to friends and
charitys, I can just never get enough of these rainbow delights! I love
to just throw all those scraps together and make something bright and beautiful!
I'm never dissapointed wth the results!
This is my latest "almost" finish, I grabbed a gallon size ziploc bag
and stuffed it full with 2" squares from my ever overflowing bin and went off to
my housesitting gig for the weekend.  I sewed and sewed on my
Singer Featherweight "Trixie" until that bag of 2" squares was gone. This is
what I accomplished....twenty 64 patch squares of rainbow goodness!
So then I sashed them with 2 1/2" strips and squares. Its a real nice sized
quilt, but I still need to add borders with more of the blue, then it will
 be ready to get quilted and bound.
So there, thats what you can make with a gallon Ziploc bag
stuffed full of 2" squares! 
 I still havent made a dent in that bin, what the heck?!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

RSC August

Boy oh boy!!  Summer is winding down, the 
housesitting gigs are almost finished up for the summer....the weather will be cooling down soon....

WHOOP WHOOP! Its time to sew!!  My sewjo has
been lacking, probably because I have been so tired..

I was behind on all my monthly swaps and committments & Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blocks but now I am almost caught up....YIPPEE!!

Here's my "Breaking Out Geese" block for August....I went with a black, gray, brownish color scheme

I like how it turned out, very masculine...

and here is my Wonky Star block...

I just love the Elephant block and the block with
the watches all over it...super cool!

Theres the first two blocks for this month..

Both of these blocks were made from
 pieces from the black/gray scrap bin
so thats good that they were all put to use, I got rid of 
few little pieces!! 

Of course there is more where this came
from, oh lord help me...will I ever use all the fabric 
that I have? 

Linking up with Angela over at 
SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Itty Bitty Blocks for August

So what exactly do you do with this???
2 buckets of crumbs and scraps...just a small drop in
my big stash bucket of fabric goodness!!

You make your Quiltmaker Quilty Pleasures Blogs
Itty Bitty Blocks! Especially when those blocks are 4 1/2"
log cabin blocks and foundation paper pieced. 

I need 15, and heres a picture of the first 9 complete!
I did finish up all 15, but I dont have a clue why
I cant find the picture.
I Love them!!
More scraps busted and I didnt even make a dent!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

English Paper Piecing...for the 1st time!

So, while browsing the blogs one day I 
stumbled upon one of my blogs that I always 
read and it was Sandra Kaye, she 
was showing how she started a new hand piecing project for while she is laid up on the couch with a bum can check out her blog here:

Anyways, she was not just doing any ole hand piecing project, she wasn't doing boring old hexagons...she was doing Plus signs!

Oh my gosh, how cute! 
Insert happy dance here!

I emailed her and asked her how the EPP was done and she was nice enough to show a little tutorial on her blog...and the rest is history!

So of course, I had to join instead of shopping my stash like I should have, I went out 
and bought a bunch of fat quarters that
I liked together and this is what has happened!

My grandaughter Jayden was playing with that 
Santa Claus tin, when it was time for her to go home I asked her if Granny could use it for her new project...she said "sure Granny" now it
holds all my tools for my on the go hand piecing project, its a perfect fit for all my goodies!

I have about 20 done so far, I have added in 
some other colors but you can get the idea of how 
it is done and laid this point I have no clue how these little plus signs are sewn together but Sandra assured me that she would show me
how so that should be interesting...LOL!

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Scrap Vortex!

Ohhhhh...bits and crumbs and scraps of every size and color...
oh how I Love you!  When faced with a never ending
supply of this....

You get this!

And this....

and then a bit of this too...

and before you know it you have this!!!
Awesome Balls!!!
 Happy Dance!!
I give you SCRAP VORTEX!!!
Put me in the Insane Assylum!!
There are some little Itty Bitty pieces in there....this whole
thing is made from small individual scraps....made into hunks of fabric and manuevered into one large piece, like a big ole puzzle.
It measures in at 59x76", nice and big!
Holy moly....a breeze!!!
Heres the back....stained it!
Its an amazing quilt...I think its going to need to have lots
of quilting...I dont know if it needs borders, what do you all think?
Leave me a comment and let me know...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm Tumbling!

I'm Tumbling with Bonnie Hunter!  

I broke into my bin of scrappy 3 1/2" 
squares, got out my Dresden Ruler and cut up a bunch of these Tumblers.  As usual, once
I get going on something like this, it ends up not being a leader/ender project anymore
and I end up loving it so much that I bust it out!

So here it is....a Scrappy Delight!  
Look how dry our yard is...its crunchy! Yuk!
We need rain so badly here in California, I sure hope we get a hard winter!

Woot Woot! Another breeze....

Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Snowballs in August!

Hello All!  Sorry I have been a bit "MIA" lately...summer 
has been one busy season for me with housesitting, Grandbabies and working extra hours!  


I try my best to use my bin of 2" squares as 
leader/enders to make 16 patch blocks...they are so versatile, so many great patterns can be made with 
these blocks!  

Heres my latest scrappy project....I paired a
blue denim colored fabric that had been sleeping, more 
like snoring in a coma in my stash
for quite a while with my sixteen patches to make this 
Snowball quilt...I am loving how its coming out.

Thats Jacey Mae on the left and Duke aka "Honeyboy" 
on the right......


Oh look!  A breeze in California!  Whoop Whoop!  Now if
we could just get some water too!!!  This drought
is crazy, terrible, horrible...BAD...please pray for some
rain for us....we are desperate!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Saturday!