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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy guy!

Heres a picture of my nephew Leif with his new quilt that I gave him for Christmas.  Its the zig zag quilt I did in a QAL.  Its all done in Kona Chinese red and black and white prints, backed with black and white plaid flannel and straight line quilted.  It turned out perfect for a guy! He loved it! I'm so happy!


  1. What a great photo! Of course he loved it -- thoughtfully made with love just for him.
    Isn't it great to be a quilt maker? We're warmed by our quilts even when give them away.

  2. My son actually cried when he opened the box and saw the quilt I made for him - wow! How great to be appreciated. Merry Christmas Julie hope we can get together in the new year.

  3. What's not to love...and the flannel backing just makes it that much more snuggly! Nice finish Auntie!