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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Quilted Ant of Placerville!

Lookit!  A Quilted Ant!!

This Ant is famous in our town of Placerville, it sits outside of a local Pest Control company and at any given opportunity, they decorate it!  Seems the local quilt guild "Gold Bug Quilters" got ahold of him and decorated him to announce their quilt show next weekend in the neighboring community of Cameron Park.  Its a great little quilt show that I always attend, lots of beautiful local talent and some fabric eye candy for purchase, I even won a raffle basket last year...woot woot!

It really made me smile to see this guy all gussied up and quilted, what fun, hes hecka cute!  I pass him on the way to work and on the way home....glad I got a photo of him!  If you are local at all, please come to the quilt show next weekend and show your support for these great ladies!


  1. Love the Ant!!! What a great way to advertise a quilt show. lol