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Thursday, March 13, 2014

I was feeling a little Scrappy....

Do you have those days where you just dont know 
what you want to work on? 
You have so many projects going but cant 
decide what is spiking your interest that day?

Thats been happening to me alot lately...sooooo,
I started poking around my basket of orphan blocks and made
this super cute mini doll quilt which is now hanging on my
sewing room wall...I love it, its so bright and fun!


  1. I often have that .. sometimes because I want ti finish it ALL... and sometimes I just cant decide xx lol x

  2. That doll quilt really did turn out cute!
    I have those days of indecision too - sometimes because I have too many projects I'd like to get done.

  3. I love this! I especially love what you did with the quilting in the border.

  4. Nice, nice. It would brighten any space. Lately when I'm spinning my wheels like that I find that I'm digging out some scraps, ironing them and cutting them into pieces for future scrap quilts.