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Friday, April 4, 2014

Cross Stitching!

Growing up, my mom always made us kids keep our hands busy especially
when watching TV.  We learned to knit, crochet, needlepoint,
cross stitch, latch hook, paint, draw, weave, you name it!  
When my son was little, 28 years ago, I did alot of cross stitch..I recently 
picked it back up when the "Quilty Stitches SAL" came up.  Then while out one day
I wandered into our local quilt shop and fell in love with this first pattern below, 
a Vintage sewing machine!! So here is mine, stitched with Caron Wildflowers
1 ply cotton floss varigated...I love it!

Then while internet browsing on Craftsy, I came acoss this horse pattern and 
immediately thought of my friend Kim who is a big horse person.  I stitched it with
Caron Wildflowers Fiesta 1 ply floss, its my first Christmas finish for 2014!

and I havent stopped there...I am now working on another secret cross stitch project!  
Love that I have started stitching again, its perfect to take with me to work to 
work on at lunchtime...


  1. I too grew up cross stitching and picked it back up a few months ago but haven't done much of it over the winter. This summer for sure I'll be doing more again as it is a great thing to do during car rides. I love the sewing machine one and want that one too.

  2. Lovely. What are the patterns called and do you have the author? I would love to find that one with the letters and sewing machine.