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Friday, September 21, 2012

A fun day with my little sweetheart!

Yesterday we went to a coworkers house.  Her name is Gloria and she is in her 80's and still works!  She is one amazing lady and I love her dearly.  She lives in an area that has lots of red clay dirt and rocks rocks rocks..did I mention she has rocks?  Her favorite pastime is taking out the garden hose and digging up the rocks in her yard to make little paths and walls on her property...She looks like an umpa loopa when she is out there because she is covered in the red clay dirt...its a sight!  Anyways, my DH and I took our grandbaby Jayden out to her house and picked fresh granny smith apples and red plums from her trees.  We brought along Jaydens princess wagon so she could collect the fruit...needless to say, my little tomboy grandaughter had a blast amongst all those rocks and dirt! 

The apples are absolutely gorgeous...we picked two big boxes full and there are more coming.  Today my friend Julie and I made 5 dutch apples pies to freeze and we didnt even make a dent in those boxes of apples.  Julie is also going to make Apple Butter, Apple Jalapeno Jelly and Candy Apple they will all get used up...

Happy Friday everyone!  Jules


  1. Oh yum! And how cute is she????

  2. Wow, I'm super jealous about your cute helper and the apple abundance too!