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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mystery Quilt Class

I took my friend Julie to our LQS "Shared Stitches" for a Mystery Quilt class for her birthday.  So like all mystery quilt classes, you have no idea what you will end up with so you sort of "run with it" and hope for the best with your fabric choices.  Heres Julie, deep in thought...sewing away!!

And heres my quilt top, I actually finished it that day!  Speedy Gonazalez!!

Its made with kona "Cardinal" and a beautiful woodsy christmas print, I figured I wanted to knock out a 2013 Christmas gift with this thats what I did!  We ended up meeting some great gals, seeing some fantastic vintage machines in use and overall had a great day that Julie and I both enjoyed very much...


  1. A 2013 Christmas finish already?! Geez, dude, you're makin' me look bad! ;) LOL!! Glad you and your friend had a good time..can't wait to see what else you finish by Christmastime.

  2. Very cool and nicely done. It sounds like you had a great time.

  3. A quilt top in a day? That's nothing short of amazing. Whenever I go to classes I spend most of the time talking , and the rest of the time eating. I may have to try it your way next time!

    Love those pops of red in the quilt top.

    Thanks for popping in and linking up to FTF.