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Monday, November 25, 2013

Putting the husband to work!

Some days I just need to remember to be grateful for my sweet husband.
He puts up with so much from me.  He holds my place in line
at the fabric stores while I am off still picking out
fabrics.  He runs to the grocery store for whatever
it is that I have run out of in the middle of baking.
He even does all the dishes after I make a huge mess baking and
then goes and works two jobs!  Now, trust me, he isnt
perfect but hes a good guy and he supports my fabric hoarding/quilting
obsession, that right there makes him a keeper!
In the picture above he was making the little loops for my potholders,
sewing them and turning them...
Then I made him do something that I HATE to do, we got out the bin of
batting scraps and set to work zig zagging them
together to make large enough pieces for the potholders.
It took us over 2 hours, but we got it done! 
Look at that concentration!!
Ya, hes a good guy....and all he wants is a good dinner at the end of the day! 
Thanks Dear!


  1. What a nice fella...and you're a lucky lady!

  2. What an awesome guy!
    Definitely a "Keeper"... lol.
    Wishing you both a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. That is great! I'm thankful that my hubby wants nothing to do with what is in my studio and I'm happy to keep it that way.