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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Craft Fairing!

                      Oh my gosh has it been a busy month!
                         I havent blogged all month!  Geez! 
          I have been busy making things for two different
craft fairs. The photo below is from the first craft fair that
                  we did in Folsom, CA.  This is my husband  and I  just hanging out amongst all my goodies!

I baked and baked and made my blue ribbon English Toffee a couple days prior...we didnt end up selling very much but we had a nice day and met some very nice people! Heres my husband and I amongst all my goodies....


  1. Please send all leftover toffee to me and I'll ensure it's disposed of properly...heehee!

  2. Sorry you didn't sell much, people must be crazy!

  3. So sorry it wasn't all that you hoped for but glad you enjoyed the day anyway.