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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Val's Piggy Bank Challenge

Have you all seen the challenged issued by Val of 
Val's Quilting Studio?  

You can check out the link here:

Val's Quilting Studio

In a nutshell, you save your spare change in a nice piggy bank or jar for one year.
Then when the year is up, you cash in your change for something
Quilty related...sound good?

Sounds good to me! I am in!
I have my sights set on a Quilty Cruise in Sept 2015!
Can I do it??


  1. A Quilty fun!!!!!! So glad you've joined the challenge! It's going to be fun to see how much everyone saves!

  2. Wow that would be so fun. Good luck with meeting your goal!

  3. Man, you are really going to be stashing the change! And changing your big bills into change so you can put them in the piggy bank too! I hope you reach your cruise goal.

  4. You bet you can do it. And I hope to hear about your trip when you return. Thanks for joining us.