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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More from the Gold Bug Quilters Quilt Show 2014

Heres a little bit more eye candy from the recent
Gold Bug Quilters Quilt Show in El Dorado County

Made from a cool!!

This one was so pretty, I voted this one as my favorite! Lovely!

This one was made for the Guild President..all signed house blocks.

I really loved the colors in this Kaleidoscope...the picture doesnt do it justice.

My husband voted this one as his favorite...lovely stars!

Of course being a cat lover, this one was Purrrfect!

Fun & Whimsical..cute applique!

This one was great too, being California born and raised, I love our
state flower the poppy!  They line our roads growing wild..just a 
beautiful burst of color...This quilt was a masterpiece..

Hope you enjoyed the quilts from my local show!!

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  1. What an exciting event to go to. I wish there were more quilt shows around.