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Saturday, September 27, 2014

My first Zippered Pouches!

Well I finally tried my hand at making a zippered pouch!
For the one on the left, I used two scrappy
 mug rugs that I had quilted but hadn't
put the binding on them yet, it turned
out to be a nice big size pouch.

The one on the right was made from some
scraps from my bag of browns...
I am going to give it to my friend Anna...its a bit small, but a good purse size.
I want to make more of these for an
upcoming craft fair...I think they would
sell I just need to have some home
alone downtime and peace and quiet to
get them done! 
If you are a chicken like me and haven't tried
 making a should, its isn't as bad as I thought it would be!!

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  1. I agree - the two that I made were much simpler than I thought they would be, so I ordered 30 zippers from Etsy to make a bunch more! They are so much fun!! Whoop whoop!