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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Damons Quilt

You may remember this quilt that I blogged about last month,
its for my nephew Damon who is a student at 
Sacramento State University.  He is a Mechanical Engineer Student.

I decided to go very masculine with his quilt and use recycled 
mens shirts and make string blocks...

I even talked his brother into helping me!
This is Damons younger brother Zane...he is also a student at
Sacramento State.  He loves to come and hang out with his crazy 
Aunt Julianne on the I put him to work!  Its 
fantastic to see this 6' 3" handsome guy sewing! His 
grandmother would be so proud!

Probably needless to say, he is a dork just like me...
must be genetic! LOL!

He completed several blocks...and he did a great job!
I was so thankful for the help, lord knows I have a ton of stuff to 
get done for craft fairs and the holidays! He was a big help to me!

Heres where we left off...I put all of our blocks together 
and we have a good size top, now I just need to figure 
out borders and then wrestle with the longarm!  

Heres a close up...its pretty neat looking!  
I know Damon will love it, hes been wanting a new quilt
for quite a while and I know he will be thrilled!


  1. My Grandpa helped my Grandma to make quilts. He cut the fabric and made the patterns.

  2. oh very cool. and he not only sewed, he let you photograph him sewing? Oh you need to send the photo along with the quilt ! Brother will be so amused!

  3. Hey, this is really cool! How fabulous that his brother even contributed. I love it when men sew. I had a 16yo young man come to my house to sew a quilt top for his mom - he had zero worries about it reflecting on his masculinity, and I and his mom both thought it was the most awesome gift in the world.

  4. wow so cool! what a great nephew and a great quilt! I love string quilts and am itching to make another

  5. It looks great and it is fantastic that his brother helped.