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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Damons Quilt

Many of you most likely remember my previous posts about my
nephew Damon who is a student at Sacramento State Univ.  His brother
and I sewed and sewed and finished his quilt just in time for 
Christmas!  We used all upcycled mens shirts and used a 
old sheetfor the backing and made this 
awesome string quilt!

Heres a close up.  I quilted it myself with wavy lines...

Here is my happy nephew Damon with his brand new quilt!
He was so happy!  He hadn't had a new quilt in almost 15 years.  Before
my mom passed away she had made him a denim and flannel quilt.
When he was young he used it so much that his other grandma had to make numerous repairs to the point where his mom finally took it away for safe keeping.

 So this sweet boy was really really grateful for his new quilt, it made
me really happy to see him so excited!  

Merry Christmas Damon, I love you kiddo!!


  1. So nice to be appreciated, too. Some don't really relate to the hours and efforts that go into a quilt. Nice the brother helped you.

  2. Oh that is so wonderful and I'm sure he is going to treasure it.

  3. I love your string quilts soooo much and especially love that this is made from upcycled shirts. Hope the new year is fantastic for you!

  4. Love how the blocks advance and recede. Well done!