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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grand Illusion is a Flimsy!

Oh my goodness, its still January and my
Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt
is a flimsy!!
I would just like to state that I am so glad that I
changed a few colors in this quilt.
I am not a fan of Yellow and changed it to 
this toffee color...and my pinks are
much darker than Bonnies. 
Like Bonnie always says
 "Make it your own, its YOUR quilt!"

Many thanks to Dahlia for Cat testing
and approving another
Mystery Quilt....
I am sending this quilt to my best quilty buddy
Kathy in Ohio for some
 BOMB Longarm quilting!!

You can find her here:
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  1. It is lovely!!! I like the toffee colour much better than the yellow in this pattern, although I usually love yellow. I think overall the darkness of your fabrics looks great!

  2. Your fabrics look great Julianne! How awesome that you got it put together so quickly!