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Friday, May 8, 2015

Easy Street is DONE!

Easy Street!
Bonnie Hunters 2013 Mystery Quilt...

Its done!

I have had it pieced and quilted for over
a year, but hadn't
gotten the binding done until now!  
Its so big, king size so I just didnt get
it done..but since I am going to be seeing
 Bonnie at her workshop in Auburn, CA in
June, I HAD to get it done
for show and tell!!

So I picked up an extra switchboard shift at work and
I sat there and watched Bonnie on Quilt Cam and finished up that big ole binding....Shhhh..don't tell!!

I used Clover clips for the first time, they work really well! No more pins to pinch me!

This quilt is so colorful and it has so many great purple and lime colored scraps plus multiple
 black on whites...
I really used some smaller scraps up in this fun!!

I have to give credit to my bestest Quilty pal,
"sister from another mister", good friend, listener &
bomb awesome long arm quilter Kathy from Ohio for doing the amazing swirly long arm quilting for me...shes the greatest friend, I hope I get to meet her someday!!

Love ya girl!!

You can check out her blog at:

She does longarm quilting! Let her finish a quilt for you!!

I used a recycled vintage sheet for the backing, its
so soft and cozy!!

Even my co-worker Lacey thought it was nice and snuggly...isnt she beautiful? We call her Pocahontas....shes a great mom, she works really hard...shes one of my favorite people! A nutjob like me! LOL!

And here is the finished product...all 1 million sq inches
 of it....I love it....
its amazingly awesome!  I cant believe I made it!

Now I get to show it to BONNIE HUNTER!!!  OMG!!!!

I cant wait!!
Linking up with Richard & Tanya quilts
for link-a-finish-friday!
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  1. you are inspiring me to finish my Easy Street - it all sandwiched, and most of the ditch stitching is done - well, maybe half of the ditch stitching !

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  3. SQUEAL!!! I LOVE this quilt. I know Bonnie's gonna love it too. I'm so glad that you are getting to take it for show and tell. I LOVED doing the quilting for ya. So sweet you put my name on the label AND then gave me a huge shout out. Back at 'cha, girlfriend! Love ya! I LOVE that purple border too. Your fabrics are gorgeous in this quilt.

  4. Like, like and more like. Maybe one day I'll do one of her mystery quilts, if I ever get time that is.