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Friday, May 22, 2015

Sisters Choice is Done!

While watching Bonnie Hunter on Quilt cam 
one night, she was working on one of her 
patterns called Sisters
be expected I got the itch and started one of 
my own.  My only constant was to use Orange Scraps for all of  my star points...the rest was whatever I came across. 
 So, I dug into my 2.5" Square bins and made scrappy 9 patches...then I used multiple neutrals in true
Bonnie Fashion...

heres a few of my favorites...

I dug into my stash looking for the perfect border fabric....I finally came across this orange text has words like
 "Appreciate, Laugh, Inspire,Love, Play, Imagine, Feel....",
all words that describe me and my sisters...Perfect!

I quilted it myself on my Tin Lizzie 18 longarm 
with my "Go-to" freestyle Loopy Loops pattern.  It was over 80" wide so it almost didnt fit on my longarm you can see in the picture below....its a biggie!!

I pieced the backing from leftover flannel chunks using some stuff up!

Heres a full view of the quilt...I love it, 
its beautiful....

Cat tested, Lap approved!

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  1. That is a beauty. I love orange, too.

  2. What a lucky find in your stash with that orange print, I think it pulls the quilt together perfectly!

  3. Yes, it is indeed beautiful!

  4. Congrats with this finnish. It is gorgeous. All those orange fabrics, I love it.