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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Week 2!

Its the 2nd Saturday in June so that means its 
time to link up with Angela over at 
for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

The color for this month is light/medium blues...

I made two blocks this month so that I achieve a
larger quilt in the end, so this week I have two
blocks to show you all...

Scrap Jar Stars!

These blocks help me bust some of my 2" scrap 
fabric squares...funny thing, still not a dent in that bin...

Again, linking up with Angela over at

RSC 15


  1. I knew you'd go bigger on this one! LOL. Hugs, girlfriend!!!

  2. I still loving your Scrap Jar Stars. Simply MUST add those to next year's line-up!

  3. Your blue stars are very happy one, I think because of the tiny colored bits in the squares. Keep up the good work.

  4. Great variety in those little bits. Great light blue stars.

  5. Love those scrap jar stars. Looking forward to seeing them come together into a quilt.

  6. Your stars look great in pastels. Love them

  7. very happy stars with all those fabrics! I actually don't have many light blue scraps so it's been harder than I thought this month. LeeAnna