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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Week 3!

Hello Quilty Peeps!

Its the 3rd Saturday in June, time to link up with 
Angela over at for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!

This months color for the RSC is 
light to medium blues!

I am making two blocks of most colors to ensure
a larger quilt at the end of the year...

Heres my blocks!

These are called: Breaking out Geese!

This is one of my favorite blocks that I am making this year, they are simple to make but are so cool!!

Again, linking up with Angela for the RSC!! 
Check it out!!

RSC 15


  1. You over achiever, you! XOXO, girlfriend. Your blocks are looking good.

  2. Beautiful block. I love the way that the center goose is a different color and twirls around to make a pinwheel. So pretty.

  3. Oh! I know that block as Dutchman's Puzzle. Whatever you call them... your LIGHT BLUE blocks look FABULOUS!!!

  4. That's a block I've never made. Might have to give that a try soon!