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Monday, July 13, 2015


 I've been sewing away on my "Scrap Vortex" quilt 
for a while now,  its fun and its mindless sewing...makes my mind drift away and I actually am relaxed while playing along with this puzzle of fabric bits and pieces, and using up so many little pieces that would have gone in the trash can!  Adding bits here and there and then cutting that chunk in 
half and adding to it again....

Here are my slabs so far....

Its so crazy busy and fun, lots of wonderful 
color and personality!

Lots of squaring up and trimming along in the 
process...but so worth it! Isn't it great?

I was working on this quilt while housesitting, this 
is Brady, a "Brittany Spaniel", hes 
a little sweetheart, he sure looks pretty on my quilt doesnt he? 

This quilt was part of a QAL with Amanda Jean
over at Crazymom quilts blog...check it out!


  1. Love it!! I need to "vortex"!

  2. I need to "vortex" too! It's on my list for this summer. Guess I'd better get busy!