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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cades Quilt for Dad

This is Cade...Hes the son of one of my sons dearest friends.  Cade was born with a heart defect, the doctors didn't think he would live very long but he showed them!
Cade was 16 when he went into the hospital to have a brain tumor removed....he didn't survive the surgery.  It broke 
all of our hearts to say goodbye to him...he was such a sweet boy!!  Hes dearly missed.

 Cade and his beautiful sister Mia...

This is my son Justin in the middle with Cades Dad 
Chris on the right....They are the best of friends, like brothers...they did softball fundraisers to help with
Cades care.

After Cades death, I asked for a bunch of his tshirts
to make his dad a quilt.  Heres the result..

You can just barely see that I longarmed "Cade Strong" 
all over the quilt, that was their motto!
The backing for the quilt is the "Family Guy" fabric, 
it was one of Cades favorite TV shows...

My son gifted this quilt to his friend Chris just a few days ago, he was in tears.  He misses his boy so much and he said that getting that quilt with all of  Cades shirts was like a big ole hug from his boy.  He was so moved.  He loves it...

Mission Accomplished!!

Cade is still with us, in our hearts and our thoughts 
and our memories...he always "Lived life with a Smile!"  We all miss him so much.....


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