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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Yee Haw!

My sister came to visit me in 2014 and brought along a 
pile of western rodeo cowboy themed fabrics.  She said she 
wanted to make a quilt for a very good friend and wanted my help.  I figured, sure no problem, shes been sewing all her life, this should be fun to teach her how to piece a quilt. 


We looked though several pattern books and decided on a pattern.  We added some other fabrics, some solids etc.  I set her all up with instructions for four patches, thought it would be an easy assignment for her, a breeze and off to work I went.

Big Mistake. Big. HUGE.

She made the worlds biggest mess of those blocks, OMG.
After letting the mess sit for about 9 months and after giving up on correcting said mess, I just started again from scratch!

Behold, the Cowboy quilt...

In this last picture you can really see how big the quilt became, I used a king size batting and had very little left over.  I longarmed it with my "go to" loopy loops, I figured that
they look like rope on a cowboy quilt.  The Kona Navy and burnt pumpkin orange that I used for some of the blocks really added richness to the quilt.  It needed a pop of color and that worked great. It all came together great in the end and it has been mailed to my sister just in time to present it to her friend for Christmas.   


P.S.  I told my sister to stick to costumes and clothes, quilting isn't her gig! She agreed!

Sorry I dont have a full size photo of the quilt, I was so 
busy this Christmas season and just getting it in the mail to my sister on time was a Christmas miracle itself! 
I asked my sister if she had delivered the quilt and she said yes and that he was so pleased with it, put it right on his bed and that it kept him warm all night...he loves it and it makes him think of his mother who used to quilt....I couldnt be more happy about that!  This is exactly why i make quilts!


  1. You made me laugh with your description of your sister's quilting misadventure. The end result is great but I have a question. Where are you quilting it? It looks like a store, I thought you had your own long arm machine. Merry Christmas by the way.

  2. That is just great that you were able to rescue the mess. Congrats on a job well done.