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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Log Cabin Yumminess!

Julie over at started a log cabin along, lord knows I have scraps and a crap ton of strings so I dove right in, I had to right??? I gotta use this stuff up!!  I'm overflowing!! Heres my scrappy masterpiece, I'm lovin it!! Its beauuuutiful!!

I quilted it with my "go to" loopy loops!  It looks amazing!!!

I backed it with many many scraps of flannel, all my red flannel scraps!  Its ridiculously amazing, you'd love it  but I didn't get a photo of it! Darn!

Now to get the binding on!  Yippee!! 

Happy Dance Shakin my Booty!!


  1. Beautiful! I just might steal the loops for my log cabin quilt this summer =)

  2. Awesome! Now what will you do for the next full moon?

  3. It definitely is yummy. Great quilt.


  4. This is beautiful and love the loopy loops!