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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tumbler Progress!

Greetings everyone, sorry that I have been a little "MIA" lately,I've just been busy busy busy!!

I have been trucking along on a few long term projects these "leader-ender" Tumblers which is one of Bonnie Hunters Challenges for the year. I was playing with
these last Saturday while watching Quilt Cam.

They are 2.5" tumblers, cut from scraps. There are 50 tumblers in each row, making a nice width.

Theres a little bit of everything in here, from solids to
 tone on tones to novelties...using it up!!  Aren't those brussel sprouts and tomatoes great????

Its getting big, but not big enough....since this photo and
 Quilt Cam, I have added another six rows. 
 Its growing slowly....bit by bit by bit!!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog today...hope you
are having a nice summer and staying cool!


  1. That's beautiful! I kind of didn't get going on this when BH started it and then well, it seemed out of reach. You may have inspired me to root around in the stash and see if I can start this week. Not like I have an actual deadline for it so why not!?

  2. From 2.5 inch scraps, eh? Hmmm. Love the way it looks, and so simple. Maybe, just maybe.

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