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Saturday, July 6, 2013

My least favorite part of quilting...

OMG!!  Its the worst part but probably one of the most important parts.  I usually put these little piles outside by the bird feeders so that the birds can pick up the fabric scraps to use in their nests.  The piles always dissapear so I think they are being used.  Do you do this??

                                   Sooooo..what part of quilting is your least favorite???


  1. Hey, I recognize those fabrics! I think that's from your Lucky Stars QA. I sew by a window. There's a birdfeeder about 15 feet from that. I open my window and throw out my strings. I guess I do that too! I never thought to throw out the bigger pieces. I'm going to try it.

  2. My least favourite part of quilting has to be the pin basting part. Oh my poor knees! :-)

  3. I'm no fan of trimming either but it has to be done so... I never thought of putting the trimmings out for the birds what colorful nests your birdies must have! They should be featured on HGTV.

  4. Cutting out all the pieces...oh, barf! If precut kits weren't so expensive, I'd go that route every time. Trimming I don't mind, mainly because I don't do it. I say it's close enough for government work. And I love stitching down binding by hand. No, I'm not kidding!