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Friday, January 24, 2014

Celtic Solstice is a flimsy!

Wow! What an AWESOME Bonnie Hunter mystery this was!
I really enjoyed making this quilt top.  When the colors came out for this
mystery, I wasnt so fond of the bright yellow and bright greens together so 
I switched it up a little bit maker my colors more in the jewel tone range
and replacing the yellow with purple...LOVE purple!

Here are the two stacks of the 2 different blocks in the quilt...

and here is my flimsy...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! So happy
with my fabric choices...

Of course it couldnt be a post here on "Quilting with Calicos" 
unless I showed a shot of the quilt top being cat tested and lap approved...
Heres my Dahlia...

Shes just a little "whisp" isnt she?  LOL!


  1. Woohoo - your colour choices are wonderful!

  2. I agree with your tester .. it looks fabulous x

  3. I really love your color choices for this one and it turned out fabulous! Yeah for you.