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Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2013 finishes

Well its no wonder why I am always tired!! I never ever stop sewing!  I work a full time job, housesit and bake treats for all the holidays for wonder I am worn out!  This collage doesnt even show all my quilt block swaps, doll quilt swaps (wait, there are two doll quilts in there) or other works in progress...whew!

Its hard to believe and even crazier to show all the quilts and projects that I have completed this year.  Some of the photos are of the original flimsys, but they are all quilted and bound now.  Makes me tired looking at it.  I do love this art of quilting and it is obvious to me that I love to do scrappy bright quilts, thats for sure!  I am so grateful for all the wonderful quilty friends that I have made through blogging, they are the best and you know who you are!

Soooo, call me nuts but I already have Celtic Solstice to finish and another 3 QAL's that I am already planning to do on top of my list of monthly commitments and quilts for family and friends, not to mention commissioned quilts!

Heres my last and final quilt finish for 2013, a Christmas Scrappy Trip went to my son & his cherish each and every Christmas!  Next year there will be four of them...Yippee!

                           Happy New Year Everyone!!   Lets Sew!!!  

(Whoops! I got one photo in that collage twice!)


  1. Love your collage of finishes. LOVE the pic of the kids and Jay Jay!!! What a great way to finish the year. So what are you doing on your puter? Get sewing, girlfriend!

  2. What a lot of lovely quilts! You go girl!

  3. Someone is having way too much fun!

  4. Another grandchild!!! That's wonderful news. It's going to be a fantastic new year and I just knew it - you are the quilting queen.

  5. You've inspired me to be waaay more productive this year, quilty sister!

  6. That is ok. You rushed to put this together I know. Nice list and here's to an even better new year for you.