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Monday, August 24, 2015

Postage Stamp!

Now anyone that knows me, knows that I love me some
Scrappy Deliciousness!  I have made many postage stamp quilts, I
have sold the tops on ebay, gifted postage stamp quilts to friends and
charitys, I can just never get enough of these rainbow delights! I love
to just throw all those scraps together and make something bright and beautiful!
I'm never dissapointed wth the results!
This is my latest "almost" finish, I grabbed a gallon size ziploc bag
and stuffed it full with 2" squares from my ever overflowing bin and went off to
my housesitting gig for the weekend.  I sewed and sewed on my
Singer Featherweight "Trixie" until that bag of 2" squares was gone. This is
what I accomplished....twenty 64 patch squares of rainbow goodness!
So then I sashed them with 2 1/2" strips and squares. Its a real nice sized
quilt, but I still need to add borders with more of the blue, then it will
 be ready to get quilted and bound.
So there, thats what you can make with a gallon Ziploc bag
stuffed full of 2" squares! 
 I still havent made a dent in that bin, what the heck?!!!


  1. visiting from WIP Wednesday. That is amazing. I love the sound of having a weekend house sitting so you can just sew at your leisure.

  2. Lovely, I'm planning something similar but cutting 2.5 inch squares from jelly rolls

  3. That's an amazing amount of sewing for one weekend!

  4. Love how you used 2.5" sashing with the 2" squares! Yummy, delicious!!! Great job while house sitting, girlfriend!

  5. Wow, pretty quilt! I should try that with my scraps!

  6. Fun, fun scrappy quilt. I really like the addition of the blue sashing, it highlights the scraps, but gives a place to rest before the next set of patches. Beautifully done.