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Monday, August 17, 2015

English Paper Piecing...for the 1st time!

So, while browsing the blogs one day I 
stumbled upon one of my blogs that I always 
read and it was Sandra Kaye, she 
was showing how she started a new hand piecing project for while she is laid up on the couch with a bum can check out her blog here:

Anyways, she was not just doing any ole hand piecing project, she wasn't doing boring old hexagons...she was doing Plus signs!

Oh my gosh, how cute! 
Insert happy dance here!

I emailed her and asked her how the EPP was done and she was nice enough to show a little tutorial on her blog...and the rest is history!

So of course, I had to join instead of shopping my stash like I should have, I went out 
and bought a bunch of fat quarters that
I liked together and this is what has happened!

My grandaughter Jayden was playing with that 
Santa Claus tin, when it was time for her to go home I asked her if Granny could use it for her new project...she said "sure Granny" now it
holds all my tools for my on the go hand piecing project, its a perfect fit for all my goodies!

I have about 20 done so far, I have added in 
some other colors but you can get the idea of how 
it is done and laid this point I have no clue how these little plus signs are sewn together but Sandra assured me that she would show me
how so that should be interesting...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. love it! I just hung my EPP plus quilt in my bedroom last night. It was a fun project. Can't wait to see yours progress

  2. What a wonderful EPP design and project!
    I look forward to following your progress on this quilt!