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Monday, January 11, 2016

Orange Peel!

Two weeks before Christmas my DIL asked me if I had an Orange quilt in "the Pile" that she could gift to her stepmom for Christmas.  Well, of course the answer was no, my quilts are
primarily a rainbow of colors and scraps.  If you want something specific, I gotta make it for you, and so I did, of course, good MIL that I am....
So, I got to thinking of a pattern that I could whip up quick....disspearing 9 patch...DUH!

So the Orange Peel was born...

All the Oranges in my stash were so saturated...
its very colorful!

I used a high loft polyester batting which gave the quilt great texture...and an
Orange Peel the effect!

My DIL decided that since it was so colorful that it needed a "calm" backing, so she picked out a simple cream flannel.  I think it fits perfectly!

and the panto really looks great with that flannel too...

So, needless to say......
You ask for are gonna get ORANGE!

The quilt has been gifted and well recieved...
Yay Yay Yay!!


  1. What a gorgeous quilt and fabulous gift!

  2. That orange quilt just glows! But in a cozy sort of way. How nice of you to stitch that up on rather short notice.

  3. Nice quilt! I'm not a fan of orange but this quilt might change my mind. :)
    I almost fell over when I saw where you live. I've not run across a blogger who lived as close as you do to me. We're practically neighbors. I live in Weimar just east of Auburn. I found you through Connie's linky party. Nice to meet you.

  4. You did great with that panto!!! Wow! And the burnt orange is gorgeous!!! Well done, my friend.

  5. Wow that is intense but also wonderful. Orange it definitely is.