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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Fun Finish!

I volunteer with Foothill Dog Rescue in Shingle Springs, CA.  My DIL is on the Board of Directors for this fantastic rescue! 
 I am normally in charge of the bake sale at their events. 
 I enjoy it very much.  This last bake sale was part of the Doggie Christmas Photo event. 

While there, a gal came up to me, I had my quilts there also that day and she asked if I made tshirt quilts.  I flinched and replied "yes", she said that a friend of hers has been looking for someone to make one from her daughters band I gave her my dog sitting, goodie baking, quilty card with my
info on it and called it a day!   You never expect to hear from anyone after that, especially when I gave her a "starting point" on the price of the quilt.  Anyhow, the lady called! I was amazed, she was so excited to have me make the quilt!  We set up a time to meet and swap the shirts and get an idea of what she wanted and I got to work! 

And thats how Baileys tshirt quilt was born!

I cut all those shirts up, ironed on the pellon, trimmed and trimmed and figured out the puzzle of all the different sizes of shirts.  She wanted it sashed with this hot pink, so cool!

I longarmed it with a large stipple, doing a few loopys in places....and wrote her name in two areas....

I forgot to mention that this was a surprise gift for Bailey, she had no idea that her mom had gotten this done for her.....
I think she liked it!  I'm very proud of my work on this quilt.

So here is Bailey, all smiles...she LOVES it!  Yay!!

Now on to the next one!

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. What a FABULOUS T-shirt quilt!
    Just look at that beaming smile on Bailey!
    I think it's wonderful that you were willing to make this quilt for a loving Mom to give to her daughter.

    Sharing your passion and gift like this - you are such an AWESOME Quilter! Thanks for spreading the love!

  2. Fabulous! LOVE your cursive writing!!!