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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This girl LOVES to sew!

My 5 year old grandaughter Jayden has discovered that she loves to sew! The apple has definately not fallen far from the tree...she wants to sew every time she is over at Grannys house.  The last time she was here, she wanted to make a little quilt for her Nana because Nana had a cold...shes so sweet! Thats one thing about this girl, she is always thinking of others and I love that about her.

She loves the 2.5" square bin, be still my heart!! She digs and digs until she finds just the square she wants.  Shes pretty picky about it.

She loves her "Baby Lock Anna" machine that I got her.  Shes learned so much about it and identifys functions on the machine.  We just need to work on her seam allowance.

She decided after making and sewing together many 4 patches that she wanted a heart in the middle of the quilt.  
This little one is always showing her love for everyone.

We Zig Zagged around the heart in the center and Jayden declared it finished! Ready for Nana!

She was so proud!  
Look at my girl! Her first quilt!

Granny we need a crazy smile funny picture!!

Love his girl so much!


  1. That is precious! My DD doesn't want to quilt, so maybe when I get to be a granny I can share my love of fabric.

  2. That is so AWESOME!! Love her smile for Nana. Happy for you that you get to spend precious time with Jayden.

  3. Wow! It is always fun to see what things kids can do when given the right tools and encouragement to pursue their goals. Better keep an eye on that stash!

  4. How awesome that your granddaughter is sewing already!
    Such a beautiful and talented little girl.