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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Birthday Fun!

I turned 29 again last week and my pal Julie and I decided
 to take the day off of work and take a quilting class 
down in Sacramento.  It was a class using the 
"Quick Curve Ruler".  Now, my sister bought me this ruler about 3 years ago to make her a quilt.  Thing is, its out
 of my comfort zone, with all of those wonderful curves so I let it sit and sit and sit.  Then this class came up to learn how to use it and I thought SCORE! I can get some firsthand pointers and experience with this ruler and hopefully get my sisters quilt done this year, then she'd be happy, plus get to spend the day playing with fabric with my "quilty sister"!  

Double Score!

We used the "Urban Candy" pattern...this was our 
sample block...what crazy fabrics eh?
 Reminded me of minature golf!

These fabrics below are what I am using...very "modern", purples, limes, aquas.....with a medium gray backgound.

Theres Julie concentrating cutting background pieces with the ruler.  Julies quilt is all purples with a lighter gray tone
 on tone background. Its supposed to be for her daughter but she said that might change!

 Do you like our new tshirts I got us?

This is the teachers sample quilt..

These are my first blocks...not too shabby! 
Loving the color scheme!

Here I am with the pattern thinking to myself 
"Oh boy, here we go...can I do this?".
Oh! And thats Beatrice, my 301A Longbed...Love her!

Theres Julie with a big ole grin....this was before she growled at me for making her take this class!! She is using my
other 301a Betsy that belonged to my mom.


Me and my good pal...shes such a good friend.  She puts
up with alot from me.  I am crazy and I have NO filter so thats alot!

Love you Julie, thanks for spending my Birthday with me!
We are Lucy & Ethel!

You can find this ruler and many amazing patterns here:


  1. I love what you're creating! I've kind of casually looked at those rulers, but thought it might be too hard to use them. Look forward to seeing more of your project.

  2. That sounds like it was a great day together. I bought one of those rulers too but I have yet to try it. Some day.