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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The best part of Quilting!

I think the best part of quilting for me is giving quilts to people that I
admire and love.  This photo below are my neighbors Vicki & Dave.  They are 
the sweetest people ever!  Vicki walks their dog Shayna everyday multiple times
and knows everyone in the neighborhood and their pets!  Dave has had multiple
back surgeries so he doesn't get outside much but he does take his walking wheelchair to the
end of the street for exercise and sits and talks with everyone.  They are just just very 
dear people...we are glad to have them as neighbors!

A while back, Dave came into my garage where I have my 
longarm set up and I had my rainbow super bright and scrappy spiderweb quilt
on the frame.  He thought it was awesome!  He loved my scrappy goodness!
So this spiderweb quilt was born and made with my friend Dave in mind.!  I just knew
that he would love it and he really did! Yay!

It just makes my heart happy when I can give someone a gift and it 
is well received and sure to be loved.  They were so happy to recieve it and that
just makes my heart happy too!!  

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  1. So glad to see your spiderweb quilt; I am in the process of making one too. I really like your gray background; I can't decide what to use for mine. Nice to see a possibility.

  2. That is a sweet spiderweb quilt, and you are especially sweet to gift it to your neighbors.

  3. I love spider web quilts...yours is no exception. What an awesome gift for the neighbor guy. It's always nice to have nice neighbors!

  4. By posting the picture of your wonderful spiderweb, you're really giving the quilt twice! And you'll never know how many new spiderwebs are grown from your inspiration!

  5. Beautiful finish! And even better that you get to give it to someone that will cherish it. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. That is just terrific and it sounds like they are the perfect neighbors.

  7. Such a beautiful quilt and heartfelt gift to give to your neighbor!
    To me, that is what quilting is all about.