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Saturday, May 14, 2016

RSC Saturday!

I've been a bit behind lately with my sewing.  I finally got in the sewing room and started playing with the greens for the month of May.  I started with my Green 100 postage stamp block....I'm lovin it!  Green is one of my favortite colors.

Hop on over to the RSC Saturday post over at and check out what 
everyone else is sewing up with their Green scraps!



  1. Those greens look beautiful. I've wanted to make a postage stamp quilt like that...maybe next year.

  2. Your greens are great. LOVE your 100 postage stamp blocks. A quilt of these blocks would be awesome.

  3. It may only be one block but it's an impressive one!

  4. Your block really works because of the great variety of prints and colors, like the blue, turquoise, etc. I looked at it closeup to see all,the dun stuff there.

  5. That's a LOT of great GREEN in one block!!

  6. I'm getting upset that I am so busy that I'm not having time to play with the soscrappy colors of the month.