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Monday, April 25, 2016

RSC 2015 quilt top complete!

I have finally completed a quilt top from one stack of my
 RSC blocks from 2015!!


These are my Bubble Log Cabin blocks.....this quilt came about because of Nann, another blogger over at " " who shared hers and I just loved them.  They are a good scrap buster, using 2" colored strips, 1" white strips and four 3.5" squares, all from my Scrap users system!!

 Score! Use it up! 

 So, I made one block each month in the RSC color of the month and then added the twelveth block in wine as my final color block. So when I got it all sashed and hung it out for its photo, I thought wow...boring!  Needs something! 

(Oh look theres my shadow self!!)

So, I went back inside and decided that this baby needed piano keys.  I firmly believe that piano keys "make" a quilt, so I got to work and two hours later it looks like this.....and I was right once again (doesn't happen too often!), it looks amazing now!! More strings used up!!

Happy Dance!! Its Rainbow deliciousness!!

Heres a stained glass shot of the back....Looooove it!!

So the birthday party for my two youngest Grandbabies is coming up.  They are "Irish twins", our Cooper is turning two on the 28th and his little sister Kamryn is turning 1 on May 4th.  So Kamryn gets to crash Coops party every  year!

What!  Poor little dude!
Anyhow...this quilt is destined to belong to Kamryn, it will be way too big for a while but I just thought of that little sweetie everytime I worked on it.  So its her Birthday present from her Granny.  I quilted it with an Aqua thread with freemotion loops with hearts and flowers.  

Now for Coop...hes getting this scrappy crumb square in a square quilt...this is a picture of the quilt top before I got it quilted but I did finally get it quilted with a freemotion grid design and backed it in red flannel...perfect for my little dude!

Two more finishes! Yippee!!
 Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. You were very right, those piano keys make the whole piece much more vibrant. It looks terrific.

  2. Love them both. Nicely done.

  3. Another great quilt with scraps. You're right, those piano keysworked like magic.

  4. Another great quilt with scraps. You're right, those piano keysworked like magic.

  5. Beautiful use of those scraps! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. I didn't think your original top was missing anything until I saw it with those piano keys--you were absolutely right!!!!! It is rainbow deliciousness.

  7. The piano key border is just great! I've never made one before, but now I will definitely look for a quilt I can use that on.

  8. They both look great, what a wonderful way to use up scraps and create something beautifully new.

  9. Love your Bubble Log Cabin, great use of scraps!