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Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy gal!

This is my gorgeous niece Jetta, she's one of the sweetest people I know, that may sound a little biased but it's true! She's a wonderful person and a fantastic mother to three kiddos, two boys and one girl.  She and my sister came to visit recently and she asked me if she could buy one of my quilts. She loved my Confetti waves quilt that I had entered into my local fair.  She and her husband were adamant on buying it and wouldn't accept a family discount, argh! Kids!! Here she is in the standard "burrito style" quilt photo! 

Love her, it was 100 degrees that day!

Shes such a ham! 

I'm so happy that this quilt found a home where I can visit it! Ha! I must be crazy eh! But I have to admit that there are a few of my quilts that I have gifted or sold that I really miss!


  1. Well, I can see why she picked that one. I'm going to have to see if you've posted more pictures of it, I'd like to see more. And that refusal of the discount? That's their way of saying how much they truly appreciate what goes into a quilt.