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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Piggy Bank challenge is starting up!

I'm linking up  with Val over at
"Vals Quilting Studio" for her Piggy Bank Savings challenge!

Val's Quilting Studio

All you do is save your change in a piggy bank and then
 on July 6, 2017 we will report how much change we have saved and let everyone know what quilty item we are going to buy....easy peasy!!

I did this challenge in 2014 and I saved over $80!

If you would like to join on over to
Vals, heres the link....


  1. Its fun to add up all our "found" money that's for sure! So glad you are joining us again Julianne. ANd welcome to any of your followers who want to join us! STOP BY:) V

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    2. Hi Julianne! I hope your are getting ready to count your change....we post and link our savings on July 6th!!! :) :)