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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Making progress...

Making progress SLOWLY that is...on this quilt top!

Its called "Urban Candy" and uses the 
"Quick curve Ruler".  Its a time consuming little project.

This is being made for a coworker, she bought the fabrics, they are Organic (wooo weee!) and they are such pretty prints! I paired them with some
Joanns Country Classics gray, I'm really loving it!

Its now sewn into rows....time to trim the rows and then get them sewn into a quilt top...progress progress!!!


  1. Love the fabrics with the grey! I know you are a super fast productive girl. I love the look. We both know the more the pain in the butt the blocks are the more beautiful the quilt. But I still don't know why it's called the Quick Curved Ruler. I'll take that Accuquilt die any day. LOL. Hmmmm. Maybe they will come out with one! That would be great. Then I would make that gorgeous quilt. What a lucky co-worker you have. Did you ever make your sister a quilt with that ruler?

  2. Like. I have the ruler but have yet gotten around to picking which pattern I want to try it with.

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