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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scrappy Trippin again!

Just finished putting the blocks together on this Scrappy Trip...loving it!  I had a little help from a friend, this is Peggy...shes 10.  I am housesitting and she is my company...cant complain, I love me a black lab...fantastic dogs!

As you can see, Peggy approves wholeheartedly of my color and design choice for this quilt...she gave me a high paw five!    Now to add a black skinny border and a wider purple border...then its on to the quilting!


  1. Your "trip" is lovely and Peggy is adorable.

  2. Love that scrappy trip, Julianne! I have yet to make one of these, but I do sew enjoy admiring them online.


  3. Love your scrappy trip, Jules! I should get moving on mine. Nice for Peggy to help! Had that been my dogs or Owen it would have been all balled up somewhere else.

  4. liking the look of your quilt .. and your friend x this happens all the time in this house! lol x

  5. Peggy looks like she's enjoying the trip...very nice Julianne!