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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Little bit of shopping

So, while at the Folsom Quilt Guild Show 
this month, I was the lucky recipient of a winning
$20 gift card for a quilt shop in Fair Oaks, CA called
"Thistle Dew".  I visit the shop occasionally, its a really
nice shop, so I was thrilled when I won.

While browsing through the program for the Quilt show, I came
across a coupon for the "Thistle Dew" quilt shop for an
additonal 20% off....Whoop Whoop!  Needless to say, off I 
went down the highway to see what I could score!  

I decided on these batiks in 1/8th yard cuts, and the one batik
on the right with the swirls I got a 1/2 yd of, I just couldn't 
resist pretty!  I then found that yummy lemon
fat quarter on the left in the sale section....that brought my total
to $18.55!  So, poor me, I had to find another fat quarter to throw into
my thats the lime colored print second from the left...
My entire pile here cost me $1.35!!! Now thats the way to do it!!


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  1. You were lucky at being at the Folsom show. I've always loved that one, especially the fashion show. Then you were lucky to win, but to be able to go to the Thistle Dew. Love that little store. I remember when it was Tayo's. Thanks for the lovely memories you conjured this morning.