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Saturday, March 7, 2015

RSC March!

Yellow is the color for March in the RSC....

Now anyone who knows me or has followed along 
on my blog for a little bit knows....
there isnt much yellow in this Quilters stash!!

So with no further ado...I scrounged up enough
scraps for my Wonky Star Block..

I had to use a couple repeat fabrics but I 
got the job done...most of my yellows in my stash lean
more towards "toffee" or "gold" so it wasnt like I could just
go into the yellow drawer and make a few cuts...NOT.
I actually dug through all of my Scrap User system bins to find these
yellows...whatever works eh?!

Thanks for stopping by!

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SoScrappy for Scrap Happy Saturday!
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  1. We're making that same block for my bee this month. That's a great block.

  2. I'm hoping to make a few of these myself. Yours is great. I like that the star isn't in the middle.

  3. Great yellow fabrics in the wonky star.

  4. you found perfect yellow fabrics to make your star twinkle! Happy March!

  5. Looks like you found some great fabrics. Your block looks wonderful.

  6. Your wonky star looks great. My stash is pretty depleted too has I don't often use yellow.

  7. Glad you made it work. Some colors are just slim pickings. Orange is always that way for me. Love the star block.

  8. Yellows and cats.... a perfect March! Seriously, I love your yellow block with the wonky white star. Soon cute.

  9. Another wonderful star . . . yes!!

  10. Love the wonky star. Sometimes just enough is good enough

  11. Love your yellow prints. Love your wonky star : )

  12. I made a wonky star too, with an off-centre pictures to show though as I have to get a new camera. Your yellows are pretty.

  13. Well they worked just fine. :- )