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Thursday, April 16, 2015

New project...

I know I know...another new project...
I just cant resist!

I love these Paper Pieced Lonestar blocks...
They are one of my favorite blocks to 
make......they use up
scraps like crazy which suits me just fine!  

My reasoning for starting this quilt was 
my scrap bucket with 
all my different colors all bagged 
separately...I want to use
large jewel tone scraps for the, 
blues, greens, purples, wines....

I like how this is looking for far....another 
quilt I just might 
have to keep...uhhhh ohhhh!!


  1. Love your stars... the ones you are showing look a bit wonky because of the color choices... my kind of look! Keep on doing what you are doing.

  2. Fun, fun. I LOVED hearing your voice today. O was at the orthodontist. Sorry we couldn't chat. Soooo happy you were so happy! :) Have a great day off!

  3. They are so pretty. I want to try those some day.

  4. Pretty blocks. I'm tempted to make some, too.