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Friday, November 6, 2015


This is Morty. Voldemort. Mortimer.

Morty "happened" to us...we weren't in the market for
another dog, and certainly not a small dog, but here he is.....Hes a Cairn Terrier Mix...hes a complete love bug, all whopping 12 pounds of him. He's never far from one of us.

And who knew? He LOVES my quilts! Little bugger
just burrows right in and falls asleep and he SNORES!!! 

I am always finding him snuggled up in one!

Especially when I am trying to sew a binding, good lord dog, give me a break, I have stuff to get done here....I suppose
 he thinks he needs to "test" it...ya think??

 Now see this?  This is called a Belly Band.  

Its for Morty!   

Mortys one BAD BAD thing is that HE MARKS!!
Yes, that means he likes to lift his leg on my furnishings!!! 


Now before you say anything, I got him neutered...those 
ugly things are gone, he's still asking where they went.
But he's still in this nasty habit so here we are with super deluxe special made to order Belly Bands....
they are the dog owners blessing from above!!

For those of you who don't know, they wrap around
 his back and "boy" section  and velcro in place 
so that when he lifts his leg, he pees on the belly band and not my stuff...ITS WONDERFUL...then I just toss them in a bucket of sudsy water/vinegar and clean them up!  Its super duper awesome!!

I made them with a 5" by 18" strip of fabric and the same size
strip of flannel or fleece for the inside.  Sewed them and turned them and added the velcro! WAAALAAA!!

I'm a happy  momma!

Morty just might live!

Thanks for cruising by my little blog today! 
Hope you have a great Friday!!! 


  1. he is lovely .. and he is showing his love in ALL the ways he can xx lol x

  2. I never heard of such a thing but a great solution to nasty problem and will save many a doggy life I'm sure.!

  3. Oh Morty, what a lucky dog you are.

  4. What a face and I'm glad you found a way to solve the problem.